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It’s That Time Of Year Again! 9th Annual Gateway To Writing Workshop

I participated in this workshop in years past and can’t begin to tell you all I gained as a result.  It is put on by a local writing group, of which I’m now a member.  If you live in mid-Michigan and are interested in writing, check it out.  I always come away learning something.  I will be there!

Saturday, September 28th

Northeast Arts Council Building, 3233 Grove Street Rd., Standish, MI 48658

9:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Cost — $25.00 (lunch and materials included)

Keynote Speaker:  Marla Kay Houghteling

Keynote Address: Writing Close to the Bone:
Transforming Personal Experiences into Written Language

Workshop Session with Marla Kay Houghteling:
Rules of Writing That Can Be Broken

Workshop Session with Angela Cook-Hoekwater:
Flash Fiction: The Essence of the Short, Short Story

Roundtable Discussion - Come with ideas on writing process,
groups, contacts, publishing outlets, reading suggestions

Sponsored by Mid-Michigan Writers, Inc., and Northeast Michigan Arts Council
For more information call: 989.846.8211 or 989.846.6546 or 989.482.9005

Good Doogie


As the dog days of summer are coming to a close, I thought I’d share the latest from the Middlest Sister… Time to get back into a routine.

Originally posted on The Middlest Sister:

Tess grew up in a haunted house. The ghost was mischievous, unpredictable, and ever-present. A little spooky, sure, but he was easy to laugh off in the light of day. At night, though… well, I think Tess can be excused for wanting an escort…












It’s time that long-suffering Doogie got some credit for being a Good Boy.

If you like Doogie, you might want to check out this entry from my sketchbook, Call of Doogie: Bark Ops.

Also, The Middlest Sister will now appear on, which is a cool way of browsing for new webcomics. The site displays just the first frame of webcomics, and if you decide you want to read the rest, you just click on the frame to take you to the comic right at the creator’s own site. Pretty neat!

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NaBloPoMo: Lilies of the Field


This post just about had me in tears! I will never understand why we have to tear one another down. It sickens me to think that most women are not happy with their appearance.

Originally posted on Once A Little Girl:

The Magpies

Five of the six girls (and one of the three boys)  That’s me in the sundress.

When I was still a little girl, and turning toward teendom, I asked Mom, “What would you do if one of your kids turned out ugly?”  Up until that time, I never thought about whether I looked or acted beautifully.  I was just me.  What else could I be.  I suppose that’s what it means to “Be like a child,” or free from worry, “like the lilies of the field.”

Mom’s eyes opened so wide that the white around all that deep brown showed.  Her brows arched up high on her forehead.  I knew that look.  That was the kind of look where she got sorta peeved at me for asking so many questions out of nowhere.

Mom’s response was as wise as any prophets:

“Why I never gave it a thought.  Why would…

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Happy July!

Garrett and Sunny playing fetch at the Russell Canoe Livery dock.

Garrett and Sunny playing fetch at the Russell Canoe Livery dock.


Once again I find myself trying to get back into blogging.  Last month I’d hoped to write daily about my roots.  It just didn’t work.  Don’t be surprised if I do finally get around to exploring every nook and cranny of that topic in the near future.  Working at my parents’ canoe livery, Russell Canoes, this summer, organizing old family photos and memorabilia, and living in my Dad’s childhood home have all conspired to bring back wonderful childhood memories.  Did I mention that I love working at the canoe livery?  We truly do have the best customers and employees, past and present.

Here are a few vintage Russell Canoe Livery pictures I recently shared on our Facebook page.  I took the pictures above the other day.  I love getting to work with my little brother!  We had fun playing fetch with our parents’ gold retriever Sunny as we waited to take out canoers and tubers.  Happy July!

Grandpa Owen summer 1973.  Love this pic!  It shows our main location in Omer prior to any store.

Grandpa Owen summer 1973. Love this pic! It shows our main location in Omer prior to any store.

Company tubing trip circa 1985.  My Dad is the driver's seat.  Loved his old truck!

Company tubing trip circa 1985. My Dad is in the driver’s seat. Loved his old truck!  Also includes a couple of our first buses – Buses B and D.  Grandpa Owen back by the tailgate.

Another view of the tubing crew.  My Mom is in the passenger seat.  Circa 1985.
Another view of the tubing crew. My Mom is in the passenger seat. Circa 1985.