What Really Determines Success?

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One of my favorite authors as of late is Malcolm Gladwell.  I originally read his first book The Tipping Point in college and recently read his other works:

With each book, Malcolm Gladwell forced readers to reconsider long-held assumptions.  For example, in Outliers:  The Story Of Success, he systematically challenges that idea that successful people aren’t like the rest of us.  In fact, he makes the case for a certain set of circumstances that contribute to what we would call “success.”  One of the basic rules he unearths is that it takes roughly 10 years or 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field.  It is then that one can take the steps necessary to truly make an impact on larger society.

I am certainly not doing his book justice, but it surprised me to see his ideas in an older article providing advice to teen writers.  I discovered the blog post on the Accentuate Writers’ Forum.  As a former teenage writer, the advice is spot-on.  Writing certainly isn’t something to master overnight.

It is so easy to become discouraged and to think that one will never achieve their dream.  The important thing is to keep going, period.

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