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All Too True

Saginaw Bay

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…of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves… | First Things

It is sad to me that there are people who find so little mystery in life.  How can anyone look at nature and not believe that some high power, whatever you happen to call it, sparked it in the first place?  I refuse to believe that I’m some accidental product of a random evolutionary process void of any human creativity whatsoever.

Personally, I think both creationists and evolutionists miss the point.  What if a higher power created the evolutionary process, and both beliefs hold some kernel of truth?  Something to think about.  By the way, the picture above is of Saginaw Bay.

I love water!  I simply can’t imagine not living by a river, a bay, a lake, or some combination of the three.  Then again, I’ve spent most of my life living near Saginaw Bay and the Rifle River (and now, as an adult, the Saginaw River in Bay City).  It is easy to forget just how big the Great Lakes are, not to mention unique.  I think that most people in Michigan take them for granted, which is a shame.  You don’t appreciate a real lake until you live in Texas, but that’s just my opinion.

By the way, you’ll want to read the entire post linked above.  It certainly makes a point.

Michelle Malkin at Her Best

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Michelle Malkin » Standing tall: The rise & resilience of conservative women

I’ve loved Michelle Malkin’s commentary for a very long time.  The article above is simply Michelle at her best.  I’m tired of a certain “elitist” mentality trying without much success to control every aspect of our lives.  I’m sick of it, and I have a feeling that a lot of other women – and men – are too.

What angers me the most is the sheer audacity of those “elitists” who supposedly support freedom of speech, but actively seek to silence those do not support their views.  Just about anything is acceptable …  if you belong to the correct political party.  Enough is enough.  Like I said before, it is time to get back to work.  I can’t help but think of the song below.

Looks Aren’t Everything

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Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd and Linda Evans Talk to Oprah About the Pain of Aging in Hollywood – StyleList

This is a sad, painful commentary on society.  It angers me that women seemingly have an expiration date, both biologically and in Hollywood, but men do not.  It would be wonderful to see more accurate portrayals of women at all stages in life in and out of Hollywood.  I’m certainly not holding my breath.

I normally don’t get into much of anything relating to Oprah (other than books, of course) or Hollywood, but this was actually a pretty thoughtful piece.  It would be great if teenage girls realized that they don’t have to tart it up to fit in.

Building A Creative Community – Part II

Bay City MI - antiques store

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Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival

The film festival mentioned above started in 2005 and is growing every year.  It is nice to see something happening in Bay City.  There is just so much more to do.  At least it is a start.

Bay City actually always had the beginnings of a vibrant art community.  There are the Bay City Players, a decent local community theater; Studio 23, which specializes in the visual arts; as well as private dance schools, galleries, and theaters that all make up downtown Bay City.  When you also factor in the crazy summer festival schedule, the relatively new library downtown, as well as the Delta College planetarium (ugly as it may be), it takes a minute to step back and see what is missing.

The infrastructure appears to be in place.  What is lacking is full use of resources and better communication between different groups.  There are also gaps.  While there is a well-established community theater, art galleries, and a very active historical society, there is no writing group in Bay City.  Hopefully that will change soon.

See Part 1 below.  I also included a link to a new online resource for art and entertainment in Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland.  It’s a start.

Building A Creative Community | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde
360 Main Street – Mid-Michigan’s Premier Online Arts and Entertainment Magazine

Are Aging Communities Necessarily Dying Communities?

The Little Sable Point Light Station on Lake M...

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Communities can age gracefully –

Northern Michigan certainly isn’t aging gracefully.  I just wonder if there is hope for Michigan to grow again.  It all comes down to opportunity.  Why is that so hard to understand?

If you do nothing to persuade ambitious young people to stay, or leave, get an education, and then come back to their community, you aren’t going to grow.  It just seems as though no one cares or is willing to make a concerted effort to rebuild communities that once thrived.  I am definitely an exception, coming back to Michigan despite it not being in my best interest.  Then again, what is so wrong with people putting relationships before a career?


Building A Creative Community

Live Music Capital of the World!

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360 Main Street – Artists Need to Help Build a Strong Arts Community

Austin, as usual, has been on my mind.  I’m often asked WHY I loved it so much.  Quite frankly, it came down to the music.  Austin isn’t known as the Live Music Capital of the World for nothing.  It all came down to the music and the creative atmosphere that permeates the city.

We need a larger arts community here desperately.  The article above sounds like a start.  Much more later.  I had a much longer, much more in-depth post to share with you.  I lost it!  Don’t worry.  I’ll be back with one that is even bigger and better.