Political Double Standards


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The Anchoress | A First Things Blog – Whore Is As Whore Does; NOW Is Over


The Anchoress | A First Things Blog – Tales of Two Women

Stories like those above illustrate exactly why I can’t stand feminism in its current form.  They also highlight a fundamental reason why I will never support the Democratic party.  There truly is a double standard between not only Democrats and Republicans, but also between progressives and conservatives.  The “mainstream” media marginalize women who dare state they are pro-life, conservative, and/or support Second Amendment rights.  Why?

It just doesn’t fit the agenda, does it?  When you continually play the victim, you can’t have someone who you also consider a victim (i.e. other women) take responsibility for their own lives.  What sends a clearer message of personal responsibility than supporting fiscally conservative policies, adoption over abortion, and gun rights?  If you think about it for just a few minutes, it becomes clear why Democrats feel they need to destroy viable female conservative candidates at any cost.

Organizations such as NOW continually have to reassert their relevance by playing the victim.  That is why their continued support of Jerry Brown boggles the mind.  My theory is this:  No conservative or marginally conservative candidate is willing to play the victim.  Certainly the Republican Party is no place for victims.  As a result, NOW supports the Democrat in the race at all costs, even if they know they shouldn’t condone the actions of his campaign.

I don’t understand how moral relativists sleep at night; I couldn’t.  I could write a ten page rant on this subject, but I won’t.  I do recommend readers check out the links to The Anchoress.  I’ve followed her blog for years.  She loses me with her religious post as I am not Catholic, but her political tirades (see above) make it all worth it.  What’s funny is that she doesn’t consider herself a Republican and possibly not even a conservative.  Her views seem to come from a place of common sense slightly right-of-center.  Unfortunately, it is a view that is largely lost in current American society.

One last note:  You’ll also want to check out Althouse below.  It is another great blog attempting to view this political mess from a common sense approach.  At least there are a few grown-ups left out there.

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