Those Mean Conservative Women!

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MSNBC panel confused: Why are so many tea partiers women? « Hot Air!

Liberal progressives will never get it.  They will never understand why conservative women hold the positions they do.  Unfortunately, liberal progressives often write off conservative women as “uninformed,” “reactionaries,” or “bigots.”  It is sheer stupidity.

For a political philosophy that supposedly honors diversity and varying viewpoints, liberal progressives only seem to approve of those who see things exactly as they do.  They set out to destroy those who don’t.  In that way the current Democratic party, under Barack Obama’s leadership, is acting like a school yard bully.

“You’re a woman.  You must certainly be a Democrat, considering abortion rights and all.”  I actually had that one tried on me during my college years.  I tore the guy apart.  I can’t stand it when someone assumes that I hold certain views.  If there is one thing for which I will not stand, it is someone trying to think for me.  That is what MSNBC needs to understand.  There are millions of women who will no longer remain silent while others put words in their mouths.  They refuse to be bullied any longer.

November 2nd is looking better and better.  It is damn time we all got back to work.

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