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I added a few pages this evening, with many more to come.  I have a lot of ideas for my blog and there are many changes to come.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful bloggers as of late.  I’m falling head over heels in love with blogging.



Seriously. How could I NOT reblog this? Best letter to a dead celebrity I’ve ever read. It is also the best explanation of the Beatles versus Monkees I’ve ever come across. Again, do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.


Originally posted on Childhood Relived:

Dear Davy Jones,

I’m writing you a letter to send off into the digital airwaves in hopes that you might read it as you drift up to Rock Star Heaven.

Let me assure you, I’m not jumping on the posthumous bandwagon.  I already wrote about my love for you (here and here) long before you were eulogized by Deborah Norville.  That posthumous bandwagon?  They haven’t thought about you for decades.  Pay them no attention.  And they’ll probably tack on a footnote that you once played in the musical “Oliver!”

Here there will be no footnote that you once played in the musical “Oliver!”

We weren’t meant to be, you and I.  You were not of my generation.  I had no business loving you.  I should’ve been off hanging out with kids my own age.  Maybe Kirk Cameron, like the rest of teenage-1989.

But thanks to cable reruns, I…

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What a beautiful photo essay!

Originally posted on shebicycles:

Another day in town of trip-chaining by bike.  Stop for coffee, pop into the bike shop, visit our local history museum, drop by the library (and more coffee), hit the grocery store for dinner-to-go, and home again; a bit of a list, and I again apologize for a rather lengthy post.  Despite multiple destinations,  I will log today’s Utilitaire checkpoint as #9 – museum visit.

In the section of town known as Five Points, we have a very nice regional history museum – the Museum Center at Five Points (and I am sorry to say that the above photo is not the museum, just an old building on the Five Points Corner ).  The museum is one of those places I don’t make time to visit often enough, so I am grateful for the Utilitaire challenge and the reminder to make the visit.  In addition to the permanent collection of local…

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