Get Out Your Laptop, Open A Vein.

So, what does it mean?  It means that at times I wear my heart on my sleeve.  At times I feel so strongly about things I can’t even bring myself to write about them.  When I do finally get up the courage to write about said topics, I feel as though I’m bleeding across the page, the computer screen, so to speak.  At the same time, I need an outlet for my feelings on these subjects, as difficult as it may be.  I need to express myself. By now you may be asking yourself what topics I am referring to above.  They include, but are not limited to:

Infertility – You’d think I’d have it all figured out by now – after 20 years.  I found out about my infertility when I was 10 years old and still playing with dolls.  I’ve always wanted to be a Mom first and foremost.  To my parents’ credit, they were pretty much forced to tell me at that point.  I greatly respect the fact that they knew they had to tell me the truth.  Just when I think I’ve dealt with it and accepted all that it means, it comes flooding back into my life in unexpected ways.  I start back at square one.  I want to write a series about my personal experiences so other young women won’t make the same mistakes I made or feel alone.  I’m just not there yet.  I wish we would actually discuss infertility in relation to Turner Syndrome, but it seems almost taboo, or at least it was when I was growing up.  It angers me.  We need to treat infertility as a disease, not fertility or short stature.

Motherhood – There are a whole separate set issues surrounding Motherhood I’d love to address here.  Biology alone does not make you a Mom.

I may not be a mother – but I’m still a person | Life and style | The Guardian

Sexuality and Turner Syndrome – I’ve tried to discuss these issues in the past here, but there is so much left unsaid.  Again, I don’t want young women with Turner Syndrome – or similar issues – to feel alone.  It doesn’t help that the medical profession doesn’t always get it right or that there is still so much wrong information out there.

Turner Syndrome and Sex | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

Reproductive Rights – The entire conversation around reproductive rights going on today absolutely disgust me.  While we shouldn’t be telling anyone what to do with their bodies, there are boundaries and we as a society need to support families – Moms, Dads, and kids.  Why can’t we respect each other and face the fact that not everyone can create a family easily?

Marriage – To marry or not to marry, that is the question.  I haven’t answered that just yet.  I love the idea of marrying Brian.  I just don’t like all of the questions and nosiness that comes with it.  And then there is religion…

Why Do You Ask? | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

Religion – I have so many issues with organized religion that I’m unsure of exactly what I believe anymore.  The entire situation surrounding the conversation on reproductive rights has done nothing to resolve anything.  It has only served to portray the Catholic Church in a harsh light.  How am I supposed to support any organized religion when they appear so unsympathetic to anyone who doesn’t fit the mold?  The article below is a perfect example.

Pope Says Couples Who Conceive Through In-Vitro Fertilization Are Guilty Of Arrogance | RH Reality Check

11 thoughts on “Get Out Your Laptop, Open A Vein.

  1. Hi there, I have been perusing your space here, and you are certainly prolific. I have heard of Turner’s Syndrome but don’t know very much about it. One of the things that I like about the wonders of technology is that it allows us to connect more easily with those who might benefit from our experience, and this is one of those examples. It takes courage to reach out to others in this way. I am certain someone somewhere right now is full of appreciation for you.

    • What a sweet compliment! I really appreciate it. I just know that there is a lot of wrong information out there – and no information on the real questions I had as a teenager. I want to change that.


  2. I agree with Lori-Ann..through the sharing of knowledge and life experiences you can perhaps help another. Isn’t that what being a good human is..
    As far a your questions on religion, I too got all confused and such.. Now I support no church, I embrace the creator and respect all religions. It’s easier that way. No debates.
    Please, share your thoughts.. someone is listening.

  3. I can understand why you feel as if you’re bleeding across the screen when you talk about these issues, all of which are very personal. Imposing their opinions on people is one reason why I don’t follow any organised religion.

    Anything that affects the natural way a body works is a disease. By that definition, infertility is definitely a disease, and should be treated as such. Amazing why it’s considered embarassing or taboo to talk about it.

    • I’m not sure why that is. Every time I went to the endocrinologist, that is all I wanted to talk about as a teen. My options, information, etc. Instead they always focused on my height and my bone age. It always angered me. I belong to a Facebook group of women and girls with TS and no one ever really discusses it – we all dance around the obvious – even though almost all women and girls with TS are infertile. I suppose that is why I think of it as almost taboo.

      I spent a lot of time researching IVF while I was in college and realized it was definitely not the option for me. I don’t think I could handle losing a pregnancy over and over again. I made my mind up that adoption would be the best thing for me. What angers me is that I haven’t been able to get my career going despite two college degrees and lots of varied work experience. I’m just so tired of waiting for it all to come together. I’ve been so close to a good job so many times only to lose out to someone who has more experience, which is understandable.

      It is pretty much the only thing holding me back from getting married and eventually adopting.


      • This will sound very cheesy, but the reason you haven’t gotten the right job is probably because it is not the right time yet. When it’s meant to happen, you’ll find that everything suddenly falls into place. Until then, just keep on preparing yourself for that day, and if you want it enough, it will happen!

        Can you tell I grew up with Taoism and a Buddhist monk as an uncle? ;)

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