An Update …

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.  No, I have not given up blogging.  Early in February my Grandma was admitted to the critical care unit of the local hospital.  To be blunt, for a while it did not look good at all.  Fortunately she is doing much better and was transferred to the skilled nursing area of the hospital.  Watching everything unfold with my Grandma has only reconfirmed my belief that my Grandma is quite possibly the strongest woman I know – and one of the most giving.  I’m sharing this because I’ve been dividing my time between work and the hospital, as well as spending time with family, running errands, and gearing up for the camping/canoeing season.

I miss writing, I miss blogging, and I just need to do it.  Unfortunately I tend to over-think anything I write here.  That needs to change.  There is much going on in my life that I would like to share here.  Moving back to my hometown after living elsewhere for well over a decade continues to amuse me.  Each day I am more grateful than the last for the wonderful childhood I had.  Much more soon.


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