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The Cosby Show (1984-1992)

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The Cosby Show (1984-1992) is the first sitcom I truly loved as a child.  My parents, my sister, and I actually used to watch it, along with most of the Thursday night NBC lineup, as a family.  The show itself left a huge impression on my childhood.  As with much of the US at the time, I looked forward to each Thursday night.

I wouldn’t say that I had a favorite Cosby kid growing up, but I could certainly identify with Rudy.  In the show she was approximately my age, and many episodes focused on her experiences with the trials and tribulations of childhood.  Personally, I always thought she was lucky.

Rudy had an abundance of something I wanted desperately as a child:  Older siblings.  Rudy didn’t have to be the first of anything.  She knew what to expect in school, socially and academically, thanks to all of her older siblings going before her.  She also learned how to push her parents’ buttons thanks to the tutoring at the hands of Vanessa, possibly one of the most manipulative TV children ever.

About Vanessa.  I always had conflicting views of her character.  On one hand, I would have loved to have had an older sister like her, or Denise, when it came to topics such fashion, boys, and school.  Then again, I would not want to be on the other end of her wrath.  To this day I think the episode in which Vanessa and Rudy are sentenced to live in the basement together due to literal destruction of their bedroom as a result of fighting is one of the most truthful depictions of sibling rivalry I’ve ever seen on TV.

Those universal truths about childhood are exactly what made The Cosby Show great, along with the fashion, the music, the art, and the guest stars.  In some ways it was the show about nothing long before Seinfeld came along.  When you think about it, nothing ever much actually happened on The Cosby Show.  Instead it largely focused on everyday family life and just how funny it can be.

The Night Of The Wretched – One Of My Favorite Episodes!

All Show Openings – Seasons 1-8

Bill Cosby

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Church Gone Wrong: Bullying Edition

My son is gay | Nerdy Apple

Epilogue | Nerdy Apple

State of Formation – Boo and the Big Bad Bully

It is interesting how the blogosphere works sometimes.  I came across the original post My son is gay | Nerdy Apple well over a year ago.  I fell in love with the picture, as did many others.  Take a quick look and then tell me how anyone can find it offensive.  It is one of my favorite Halloween photos of all time.  As it so happens, that post and picture is how I discovered Nerdy Apple in the first place, as did many others.

Yes, a small preschool boy wanting to dress up as a female cartoon character caused enough havoc to gain national attention.  Apparently a few other mothers did not like the fact that Nerdy Apple allowed Boo to dress up as Daphne from the Scooby Doo cartoons.  If the descriptions are correct, Boo and Nerdy Apple were both eventually bullied.

Are we as a society really that immature?  I just do not understand how anyone could justify the treatment claimed by Nerdy Apple, especially if those involved claim to be Christians, as is the case here.  For the record, I have to state that I understand the predicament Nerdy Apple describes in the blog post.  She didn’t want to disappoint Boo, but also understood all too well the issues the costume would cause.  It may seem obvious and possibly cliché, but this is exactly why I have serious issues with organized religion.

So why am I just bringing this up now?  Well, as I took a few minutes to explore Nerdy Apple’s new layout, etc., I noticed the original post that drew me in in the first place.  I also noticed a post describing the rest of the story.  It is an amazing look into bullying, religious bigotry, ostracism, and outright homophobia.  Eventually the Pastor of the church involved asked Nerdy Apple to apologize to the mothers she “offended.”  It even the reached the point where Nerdy Apple and family decided to leave the church.  What I don’t understand is how she offended anyone as she names no names in the original blog post.  She simply focuses on bullying, acceptance, all with an underlying message of understanding and love.  I doubt I will ever understand this.

My biggest question is this:  How am I ever to reconcile a church encouraging homophobia with Christian teaching?  Even as a straight woman, I can’t do it.  Even as a woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage, I can’t do it.  On a personal note, I grew attending a church I thought to be welcoming of everyone.  My eyes were opened when I realized just how homophobic some of the more prominent members of the church were.  Despite my personal preferences and beliefs, or maybe as a result of them, I can’t bring myself to belong to a church so willing to judge blindly.  I suppose I naively thought it was faith that matters most.  Must middle-school drama play itself out among adults in a church setting?  Really.

Nerdy Apple

Daphne Blake

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Childhood Relived: Arguing With Myself

My Exclusive Interview with 1979-Angie « Childhood Relived

This is one of the funniest posts I’ve come across in a long time.  It had me outright laughing.  I even toyed with doing my own “exclusive” interview with my four year-old self.  Sometimes I wonder where Angie Z. comes up with these ideas.  I love them!

What would I say to my four year-old self?  I’m not exactly sure; I just know that I’d tell her to appreciate nap time.  Someday she will appreciate it.  I’d also tell her to be nicer to her Mom.  Mom doesn’t want to come home to a four year-old telling her to go back to school.

Side note:  I actually did say that to my Mom.  She is a teacher and I didn’t want the babysitter to leave. 

We were having too much fun!

Taken By Kay Russell Longhini ~ 1985

Jason Lee Photographer


Met Exclusive: Jason Lee’s 10 Creative Kids Photography Tips – My Modern Metropolis

A Father Who Creatively Captures His Kids (20 photos) – My Modern Metropolis

Jason Lee’s photo collection of his two little girls just begged to be shared.  You will not regret taking a moment to smile and laugh.  I found them thanks to the site below.

My Modern Metropolis

A screenshot from the film Metropolis (1927).

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Totally Awesome 80s Rewind: Childhood Relived


Childhood Relived

I hate to admit this, but I’m always a sucker for 80s nostalgia.  Nothing could be funnier than Childhood Relived.  Angie Z.’s musings on her 70s/80s childhood are spot on, not to mention 100 times funnier than anything I could ever write about my own childhood.  Here’s the thing:  There is soooo much I can relate to on her blog, despite being born five years later.  Somehow I now have the urge to bust out the jelly shoes and bracelets.

Below are but a few highlights worth checking out:

Clapping will save us all! « Childhood Relived

Uncensored Cinema « Childhood Relived

Cabbage Patch Dreams « Childhood Relived

Gone But Not Forgotten « Childhood Relived

Dibs on Naming Rights « Childhood Relived

My First Guest Post!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – On My Birthday!, by Lindsey Russell « Once A Little Girl

My first guest post is up!  I had too much fun writing about one of my favorite childhood memories.  Please pay a visit to blog friend Once a Little Girl.  It is definitely worth taking a few minutes to look around.  You can find the page for one of my favorite features of the blog below:

Once a Little Girl Friends « Once A Little Girl

Currently I am in the midst of trying to create a schedule here at Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde.  Any suggestions?  Ideas?  What interest you?  I have too many ideas and too little time.

Thank you once again Adela and Once a Little Girl for sharing.

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

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Little Girl Rediscovered

Little Girls: Then and When « Once A Little Girl

Once A Little Girl will soon become a memoir.  I can’t wait to read it.  I do believe in fate at times.  Somehow it was no accident I stumbled across Once A Little Girl.  I plan to watch closely as the transition from blog to book takes place.

This situation may in fact eventually address a few of the issues I’ve had as of late.  What is left online?  What gets put in the book?  If you eventually want to use a story in a memoir or novel, why put it out there online for free?  So many questions!  I need to take a serious reassessment of my goals, dreams, and ambitions concerning writing.  Maybe that little first grader who loved to write and draw is still in there somewhere.  We need to get acquainted once again.

This is my actual 1st grade school picture. 1987 - Sterling Elementary School