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Democracy And The Internet: A Few Thoughts

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American Thinker: Internet Freedom: A Time for Choosing

American Thinker: The End of Self?

The articles above expand greatly on a subject I touched on here.  I wish I knew exactly where I stand on the issues surrounding the internet.  My thoughts are the following:

  • The internet can serve either to hinder or inspire creativity.
  • People are now capable of finding like-minded people across the globe, irrelevant of beliefs.
  • With the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, it is easier than ever to give up personal privacy without fully realizing what just took place.

I hope that the internet remains as an open forum in which there is a free exchange of ideas.  It is also my hope that the next generation realizes that there is more to life than simply being connected all the time.  No one should feel as though they have to live their life online 24/7.  Unfortunately, I know many people who do.

A New Direction for Myspace – Too Little, Too Late? | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

A New Direction for Myspace – Too Little, Too Late?

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On MySpace’s New Strategy

This is an old article that I put on the back burner some time ago, but I’ve thought about the issue once again.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no substitute or even a serious competitor to Facebook.

In a way, it is frustrating.  It would be nice to have a social network that actually respected privacy rights and encouraged creativity instead of encouraging what I like to call “group think.”

Ultimately, I believe that it remains to be seen whether Facebook encourages creativity, herd thinking, and/or both.  In many ways it seems to be a moot point.  I don’t see MySpace ever reclaiming its former glory.  Without a serious competitor, Facebook can continue to do as it pleases.  It doesn’t mean that we have to buy.