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It’s That Time Of Year Again! 9th Annual Gateway To Writing Workshop

I participated in this workshop in years past and can’t begin to tell you all I gained as a result.  It is put on by a local writing group, of which I’m now a member.  If you live in mid-Michigan and are interested in writing, check it out.  I always come away learning something.  I will be there!

Saturday, September 28th

Northeast Arts Council Building, 3233 Grove Street Rd., Standish, MI 48658

9:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Cost — $25.00 (lunch and materials included)

Keynote Speaker:  Marla Kay Houghteling

Keynote Address: Writing Close to the Bone:
Transforming Personal Experiences into Written Language

Workshop Session with Marla Kay Houghteling:
Rules of Writing That Can Be Broken

Workshop Session with Angela Cook-Hoekwater:
Flash Fiction: The Essence of the Short, Short Story

Roundtable Discussion – Come with ideas on writing process,
groups, contacts, publishing outlets, reading suggestions

Sponsored by Mid-Michigan Writers, Inc., and Northeast Michigan Arts Council
For more information call: 989.846.8211 or 989.846.6546 or 989.482.9005

Back To Basics: Reading And Writing

I’ve been spending some time rethinking my reading and writing goals.  I still haven’t picked up a book as of late, and I really need to get going.  There are so many wonderful books out there.  My problem is that I’ve currently concentrated on my blog.  It’s paid off too.  After all these years of writing for myself, I am finally beginning to create an audience, which I enjoy and is wonderful.  It is just the beginning.  Somehow I have to get organized and find balance between reading and writing, between planning and execution.  I know I can do this.  I’m just frustrated that everything is taking so much longer than I’d like.

Below are some great writing – and reading – posts I’ve been meaning to discuss.

Why It’s Important To Take Your Reader Into Account | The Collaborative Writer

Knowing You’re A Writer From An Early Age | The Collaborative Writer

I love the Collaborative Writer.  As you can see from the titles above, she tackles subjects other writers don’t want to discuss or subjects that may seem obvious at first.  I particularly liked her discussion of the trials and tribulations of Knowing You’re A Writer From An Early Age.  I think most writers can relate at some level.

Writer Unboxed » The Long Distance Landscape of a Writing Career

Writer Unboxed » (A Writer’s) Age Is Just A Number

Both of the posts above from Writer Unboxed inspire me.  I take a very long-term view of what I want to accomplish with my writing, blogging or otherwise.  I’m glad I’m not the only one.  I’m just getting warmed up.  The same goes for reading.

Speaking of which… below is a series of posts discussing the importance of reading purposely to inform your writing.  This is precisely why I began keeping lists of books I want to read and books I already read, as well as where I got the book – own versus library.  This series takes it to a whole new level.  I’ve read this advice other places as well.  I’m going to have to carefully consider it.  I’m not doing enough to record my thoughts on what I read.  Wonderful stuff if you are serious about reading and writing.

Life is Short. Read with Purpose. « DIY MFA

3 Steps to Reading With Purpose « DIY MFA

Prompt: Make a Reading Plan « DIY MFA


Reading 2012 | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

E-Book Challenge 2012 (December 2011 – Present) | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

Reading List (July 2009 – Present) | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

Genre-Bending Writing

A conversation with Jim Ament, author of ‘Waiting for Zoë’ | James Russell Ament

I’m Genre-less

I’ve come across a couple of discussions regarding genre recently by thoughtful writers I admire.  My question is this:  Why do writers feel as though they have to fit into one mold or anything?  I could ask the same question of any art or artist.  Why?  That is all I want to know.

Books I’ve read lately don’t seem to fit neatly into one genre or another.  That is exactly how I like it.  I don’t like to be pigeon-holed in any area of my life.  Again, why do we do this to ourselves?  I understand marketing, branding, author platforms, etc., but is this really necessary?

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Writing Resources

on writing

Image by Vivianna_love via Flickr

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: When Life Gets in the Way of Writing

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Collecting New Experiences

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Friday Speak Out!: Reading to Write, Guest Post by Jamie Patterson

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: The Power of Freewriting

WOW! Women On Writing Issue 47: Carving Out Your Writing Niche

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Writing Niche

There is so much great material on WOW! Women On Writing Blog and WOW! Women On Writing Issue 47, I just had to share.  I would love to carve out my own writing niche.  In fact, I’ve wanted to start a blog focusing on study abroad and what I term study travel for years.  I need to simply start.  I have a lot of advice and experience to offer and the topic endlessly fascinates me.  What am I waiting for again?

WOW! Women On Writing Blog

WOW! Women On Writing Issue 47: Carving Out Your Writing Niche

Reality Check

Nations: A Simulation Game in International Po...

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WOW! Women On Writing Blog: So Yes, I Blog!

I can understand where this post is coming from.  I first learned about blogging and blogs seven years ago, but there are so many people, especially people who do not write, who still think of blogging as something new, almost a novelty.  It especially boggles my mind when writers, very talented writers at that, still hesitate to jump into the online world.  What are people waiting for?

There are so many days when I wish that I had more time to devote to writing online.  I absolutely love it.  In many ways it there has never been a better time to be a writer.  I hope it only continues to get better.

Blog Tour 2011 – Author Jennifer Malone Wright

I’m pleased to be a part of a Blog Tour for the first time.  You can find more information on Jennifer Malone Wright and The Birth of Jaiden on her website.

In support of her first blog tour, I interviewed Jennifer Wright, author of The Birth of Jaiden.

I’ve watched via Facebook and various forums as you’ve worked hard to promote your first book, The Birth of Jaiden, largely using grass root efforts.  What would you consider the best part of the experience so far?

I’d have to say that the best part so far has been all the wonderful people I’ve got to meet.  I’ve met the best fans, other awesome indie authors, and lots of other creative people through this process.  I love that there are so many people out there who support and help each other and I’m proud to know each and every person I’ve met through this process.

What is the biggest frustration you’ve faced throughout the process?

I think the biggest frustration would have to be formatting my manuscripts.  I have the worst time doing that so far.  Formatting is the one thing I can truly say that I absolutely detest about this job.  LOL

What inspires you as a writer?

I’m inspired by everything!  I’m inspired by music, by pictures, by beautiful scenery, by things people say, it could really be anything that inspires me.

What drew you to the vampire sub-genre?

I’ve always had a thing for vampires.  I really don’t know exactly where this came from though.  My first idea was about twelve years ago when I had this little tidbit of an idea about a vampire raising a human baby.  But, I’ve always been a huge Anne Rice fan, so maybe she inspired my love of vampires…who knows.

Please briefly describe the dynamic relationship between Alexander and Jaiden for readers.  What makes their relationship different from the usual human/vampire dynamic found in most series?

The relationship between Alex and Jaiden is different from normal human/vampire relationships because it is the love between a child and a father.  In most vampire books a mortal and a vampire fall in love, but Alex is give then task of caring for this child and eventually he begins to love her and think of her as his own.  Jaiden will grow up knowing Alex as her father, he (and Isabella) is (are) all that she knows.

What qualities do you like most in Alexander and Jaiden?  What made them come alive for you as a writer?

I love the fact that Alex is so loyal, it’s one of his best qualities, which I think is why he was chosen for The Great Council.  Alex has this inner goodness that he just can’t hide; I love that about him too!  Jaiden is a baby, so there isn’t much she does that can grow on you, but she is a powerful little infant and I like that about her.

Any sneak peak as to what is next in the series?

I can tell you that in the next book, Jaiden will be six years old so there will be a lot more to love about her.  And, I can tell you that there will be a wedding in the future.  I’ll leave it up to you to ponder who it might be.

What advice would you give young (or older) writers just starting out on their own?

My best advice is to just keep keepin on…don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you’re doing. If you want to be a writer then study everything you can about writing, about the craft, about the business part of it, about marketing, everything.  If you want it bad enough, then you will achieve it.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

Thank you for having me!  I enjoyed answering the questions and hope everyone has enjoyed, or enjoys The Birth of Jaiden!

Everything Old Is New Again

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A New Beginning… | Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

I came across my first blog post today (linked above).  It is funny to see just how far I’ve come.  Enjoy!

As I was cleaning out duplicated blog posts, I came across some great reference items for writers on LiveJournal that I completely forgot about.  Lots to digest!  I’m just glad that it is all still there.


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xjenavivex: Recommended LJ Authors

On a final note, I’m currently in the process of tweaking some behind the scenes plug-ins, etc.  Please be patient!  It may take a week or so to get things exactly as I would like them.